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Is Missing Teeth an Impediment for Having a Straight and Beautiful Smile? – Here Is Your Route to Self-Assurance and Dental Wellness

Missing teeth and braces are not mutually exclusive. You can still get your treatment started when you visit a good board-certified orthodontist.

We understand that missing teeth can negatively impact the appearance of your smile. But you shouldn’t worry about that! Nowadays, there are several dental treatments and procedures available to address these kinds of issues. As a consequence, orthodontics can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Peabody Orthodontic treatment is essential when you want to improve your oral health, enhance the functions of your mouth, and address dental issues. It doesn’t matter if you choose traditional metal braces or clear aligners; treatment can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, and its benefits can extend to the physical and social aspects of your life.

What are you waiting for to schedule an orthodontic appointment? You can go from missing teeth to having a perfect smile!

Caring About Your Teeth Is Paramount For a Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that misaligned teeth can lead to several dental issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss?

This happens because misaligned teeth are more complicated to clean properly, resulting in the accumulation of bacteria and food residue. As a consequence, you can suffer from cavities or gum disease, which are the main causes of tooth loss. This is why correcting misalignments through orthodontics can help you improve your oral hygiene, reducing the risk of these dental problems.

Now, let’s explore the reasons why people with full dentures still need to visit the dentist:

Maintenance of the Denture:

Over time, dentures may become loose, wear down, or even begin cracking; attending regular visits to your orthodontist can help you ensure that your dentures are in great condition and still fit comfortably.

Assessment of Gum Health:

It is important that a dental professional periodically assess the health of your gums. Even without natural teeth, they can develop gum disease and irritation. In addition, orthodontists can give you advice on how to clean and care for your gums.

Preventing Potential Issues:

Attending regular consultations will allow your orthodontist to identify any issues early and make the necessary adjustments to your denture.

Peabody Orthodontic care is essential whether you have a complete set of natural teeth or dentures. In addition, dental professionals can help you maintain good oral health while preventing potential dental problems.

Can You Have Braces With Missing Teeth?

Missing a few teeth is not a reason not to undergo orthodontic treatment with Peabody traditional braces or clear aligners. Actually, Peabody orthodontic care is essential to address the consequences of tooth loss. Remember, dental professionals can create a treatment plan that prepares your mouth and jaw for tooth replacement options, including dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures, depending on your needs and goals. Let’s explore this further:

Closing Gaps:

In some cases, missing teeth can cause gaps in your smile, but the solution to this is using a Peabody orthodontic treatment that moves neighboring teeth into those spaces. Your smile will look straight as if nothing happened.

Tooth Replacement:

Sometimes, Peabody orthodontic treatment can help you create space and align your teeth to prepare your mouth for dental implants, bridges, or other tooth replacement options. Some of the pieces in your mouth are essential, and because of that, you may need implants to replace the missing gear. That is the case of the front upper teeth, for instance.

Partial Dentures:

When a patient is missing multiple teeth, the orthodontist may recommend a partial denture combined with orthodontic treatment.

Whether you decide on metal braces or Invisalign, Peabody orthodontic treatment will help you correct the alignment of your teeth. This is especially beneficial if you are missing teeth since it can help you improve the positioning of your remaining teeth.

Can You Get Braces if You Have Cavities?

Cavities refer to those little holes on the surface of the teeth that create dental decay. Usually, they are a combination of not having proper oral hygiene and the presence of bacteria in the mouth. We don’t recommend that you get orthodontic treatment if you have cavities.

Dental decay can weaken the structure of your teeth, and having braces on weak teeth can cause severe issues, like cracks or fractures, that can eventually lead to tooth loss. This is why we recommend that you treat your cavities first. Dental professionals offer several options, such as dental fillings, dental crowns, or root canal procedures, depending on the severity of your case. Once you have healthy teeth, you can undergo any type of orthodontic treatment, including metal braces and Invisalign cost.

Can You Get Braces With Gum Disease?

If you are experiencing gum disease, we suggest visiting your dentist so they can help you address the dental issue and alleviate the symptoms. It is better to have a healthy mouth, including teeth and gums, before considering orthodontic treatment Peabody. Usually, appliances like braces and clear aligners need a strong structure before starting to improve the alignment of teeth and jaws.

So, we recommend that you treat gum disease before beginning any orthodontic treatment.

Can You Still Get Braces if You Have a Lot of Fillings?

The answer is yes! Actually, most orthodontic patients have at least one filling because tooth decay is the most common dental issue. However, your orthodontist will consider the structure of your teeth and the condition of your fillings before starting your orthodontic treatment Peabody.

Having several dental fillings will not affect your Peabody & Newburyport orthodontic treatment. On the contrary, your orthodontist will work with you to make sure that you have a highly effective and safe orthodontic process.

Can You Have Braces if You Have Dentures?

Well, it depends. If you have a full denture, then it doesn’t make much sense to wear braces. This happens because dentures are a type of dental prosthesis that replace all missing teeth, while traditional braces correct the positioning of natural teeth.

On the other hand, if you have partial dentures, then you can have braces that help you align the position of your natural teeth. Here’s the difference: partial dentures are dental appliances that will replace some missing teeth while you also keep other healthy and natural teeth.

When undergoing orthodontic treatment with partial dentures, your orthodontist will be able to work with your natural teeth while the denture serves its function. This way, you can enjoy a healthy and attractive smile!

Can You Still Get Braces Even if You Got a Dental Implant?

Absolutely! Dental implants shouldn’t get in your way to achieve a beautifully aligned smile. However, orthodontists need to be more careful while placing the treatment since dental implants can’t be moved.

If your implant is in the correct position, dental professionals should be able to move the neighboring teeth without a problem. On the other hand, if your implant is not in the ideal position, your orthodontist may recommend replacing the crown or the whole dental implant.

Is It True That Braces Weaken the Teeth?

This isn’t true. Braces shouldn’t weaken your teeth. In fact, the main purpose of orthodontic appliances is to correct misalignment of teeth and jaws while improving oral health. However, if you want to minimize any adverse effects during your orthodontic treatment Peabody, we recommend you follow all of your orthodontist’s instructions and attend regular check-ups.

Find Newburyport’s Top Rated Orthodontist

As you can see, orthodontic care is a great option for many patients with missing teeth and other dental concerns. However, the decision to start your Newburyport orthodontic process needs to be based on a thorough evaluation of your dental structure and specific situation.

So, we recommend you take the first step toward a healthier smile and book an appointment at Pavlo Orthodontics. Their experienced team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan and answer all of the questions you might have. As a dedicated orthodontist, Dr. John Pavlo wants to ensure that each patient has excellent teeth treatment in Newburyport.

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