You can schedule an orthodontic consultation at any age, however, the ideal time to visit an orthodontist for the first time is at seven years old. This age is desirable because you have a mix of permanent and baby teeth, and your jaw is still developing. This early start allows the orthodontist to see how the smile is starting to take shape.

The first consultation is a relatively quick and easy appointment, but it is an important one. We can start to get an idea of any issues that may be present currently or that could erupt later, and then decide on a course of action for treatment. For some patients, we may take a wait and see approach while for others we may recommend beginning two phase treatment.

Your consultation will begin by taking images of your mouth, including X-ray and digital images. These. X-rays, along with a physical examination, will help Dr. Pavlo make a comprehensive diagnosis.

Once the exam is complete and images have been taken, Dr. Pavlo will discuss his findings. At this point, he will discuss any issues he may have seen and recommend the best course of action to obtain the healthiest smile.

If treatment is recommended, it will be explained in full, as well as the different treatment options that may be available. Financial obligations will also be discussed, and a timeline for treatment will be provided. Dr. Pavlo and his team will give you time to ask questions and address any concerns you may have.

Before beginning treatment, be sure you fully understand the treatment to which you are agreeing, as well as the financial obligations of that treatment. A financial coordinator can help you understand insurance benefits that may be allowed, and help you find a payment plan that will work with your budget.

At the end of your consultation, we hope that you have all of the information you need to make an educated decision about your or your child’s treatment. Working together, we can decide the best course of action to give you a healthy, beautiful smile.