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What Are the Best Colors for Braces?

Choose the best color combinations for your braces.

What is the most enticing part of summer? Before getting an idea of what is in trend for this 2023 summer, let’s analyze some relevant data.

A Spring 2023 survey reports teen spending increased this year, so if we add that extra time of vacation from school and post-pandemic buying habits, we have that this summer, teens look to engage more in groups, socialize and have fun with friends. Still, above all, their priority is to look “Gucci.”

Female teens spend 29% of their money on clothes, 11% on personal care, and 6% on fashion accessories. Female and male teens spend 4% of their money on events, 1% on movies, and 23% on food they often share with friends at restaurants and malls.

Parallelly, access to information among Gen-Z makes them aware of the importance of oral health, having a perfect occlusion to minimize the possibility of teeth wearing off, poor hygiene from misalignments, having an aesthetically sound smile, and avoiding costly corrective treatments, like crowns or root canals in the future.

So, how they look on braces is not their major concern, but how they make them look “tight.” Have we said it right? Well, we hope we did. Back to our discussion, rubber bands’ colors are interchangeable. So, trendy accessories that match braces’ colors for this summer are a must. Thus, what color of braces are you asking Dr. Pavlo to have ready for your next adjustment appointment?

How Do Rubber Bands Move Teeth?

Before choosing braces colors, we have a question about braces elastics. Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of rubber bands in braces? Well, let us break it down for you in a way that even your BFF could understand.

You know how muscles get stronger when we exercise them, right? Well, think of rubber bands as gym equipment for our teeth. Adding these little bands to our braces creates an extra physical force on our teeth. This additional force acts like a personal trainer pushing our teeth in the right direction.

You might think, “Wait, wouldn’t that hurt?” Well, you’re right. It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but don’t worry; the pain is temporary. Think of it as a reminder that your teeth are on the move and getting closer to that perfect smile!

Now that we’ve covered the science stuff, let’s move on to a more exciting topic: colors! Yup, you guessed it! You can choose from a rainbow of colors to add some pizzazz to your braces. Summer is the perfect time to go all out and show off your personality with a dazzling array of shades.

What Color Braces Should I Get for Summer?

Brace yourself for fabulous colors that will make your smile shine even brighter. Let’s explore the trendiest brace colors for this summer of 2023!

When it comes to braces colors, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on your style, preferences, and the effect you want to achieve, but we might have some “peeps” recommendations for you. Again, have we said it right? We are crossing our fingers we did. For now, we better talk about what is trendy this summer.

The Summer Is Sun; the Sun is Happiness

Bright and cheerful colors are always a popular choice for the summer season. Think of vibrant shades like:

Barbie Pink

Barbie the Movie will be released on July 21st. So you can prepare for the release and ask Dr. Pavlo for this color on your next visit.

Bright Blue

¿Does color trends exist for braces? Indeed they do, the current trend for braces includes a palette with all shades of blue, and summer is the perfect time for “bright” blue. A trendy combination for your braces is bright yellow clothing, as they are complementary colors.

Pearl White

You might be asking yourself, white braces? Yes, white. One of the most amazing colors for this summer is hot red for your clothes and also for your lips. And guess what? Red lips match beautifully with white rubber bands, especially if you are wearing clear ceramic braces.

These colors not only reflect the fun and joyful feminine vibes of summer but, combined with your clothes and fashion accessories like bright jewel tones, add a pop of excitement to your smile.

You Love Summer, but You Are a Little Conservative

If you’re conservative or you are into dark colors, don’t worry; there are options for you too!

Dark Blue

You might remember we mentioned the braces trend is shades of blue, and light blue colors is often a wintery option. So, dark blue is a phenomenal option for the summer if you want to look trendy. Yet, if your personality and clothing match best with lighter shades of blue, make a test with a Sunday flowery dress and see how it goes.

Ocean Blue and Lilac

These are both trendy choices that can complement your summer look. They add a touch of sophistication while still being playful and stylish. Plus, they go well with most outfits, making them versatile choices for any occasion.

For those who prefer a more neutral color look, pastel colors are perfect for you. Light blue and light yellow are great options that can create a subtle and sophisticated appearance. They are especially flattering for lighter skin tones and give a fresh and youthful vibe.

Have You Chosen Your Favorite Summer Rubber Bands? At Pavlo Orthodontics, We Are Waiting For Your Call

Now you have a better idea of the purpose of elastics in orthodontics and how do they work. Now it is time to have fun with your summer braces color ideas because this season is the perfect time to express yourself and let your smile shine bright.

Whether you opt for bold and bright colors or cool and sophisticated shades, there’s a tonality out there that will make you stand out in the crowd. Get ready to rock those braces and make this summer your most stylish one yet!

You don’t have braces to color yet? Schedule an appointment today so you can start enjoying having a beautiful smile and have fun wearing those braces in all their vibrant glory. Happy summer, beautiful smiles!