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Are Clear Braces Worth It?

Let’s talk about the options we all have available at Pavlo Orthodontics for a successful orthodontic treatment. Many are familiar with the most popular option ever, traditional metal braces; still, this is far from the only option. Clear braces offer some important advantages over their conventional counterparts.

Will they work for you? Are you looking for the best provider of clear braces Newburyport has available? Let’s review some of the evidence in favor of this alternative for your orthodontic care.

Where did clear braces come from? What are they made of? Can anyone wear clear braces? Hopefully, this article will answer any questions you have about clear ceramic braces. Remember, in orthodontics; we don’t want to eyeball it. Let’s make sure you know everything you need to before you begin your journey towards a beautiful and healthy smile.

What Are Clear Braces?

So what exactly are these clear braces? This term refers to the changes in materials used to manufacture parts of your orthodontic appliance. Instead of stainless steel, we use ceramic composites.

We leverage discoveries and advancements brought about by the age of space exploration to provide clients with a discreet treatment option. Seriously. You can read a little more about this on NASA’s website.

Clear braces don’t fundamentally change or differ from the design of traditional metal braces. Instead, while we follow the same design benefits, we simply change the materials used for the brackets and wires. These materials can blend more naturally with your tooth color, and along an archwire that can be white or come in other colors, people may not even notice the braces when you smile.

Are Newburyport Clear Braces Right for Me?

Here come the important questions.

As orthodontists, we ensure two things. First of all, we move your dental structures until we arrive at an ideal relationship between your upper and lower jaws, allowing you to have a functional bite. Second, we carefully plan your treatment to safeguard your teeth and prevent any damage to the structures because of excessive force.

Clear braces offer patients a discreet option, but that comes with some caveats. You should not wear clear braces if your orthodontic condition is too severe and requires extensive work.

The materials used for clear braces are not as resistant as the stainless steel used for conventional braces. Therefore, your discreet treatment is not as resistant to some of the forces required to rearrange teeth with extreme rotations.

Likewise, age can become another limiting factor. Clear braces require more attention and discipline. Orthodontists will have to provide you with unmistakable instructions and recommendations to complete your treatment successfully.

Adults make better candidates for ceramic braces as they are more compliant with instructions related to dietary restrictions. Having said that, teenagers who prove to be responsible enough that they’ll comply with professional recommendations could benefit from this treatment option.

Ultimately, when you only consider compliance, the choice is yours alone. You choose what to wear, and if you have an orthodontic emergency that requires swapping a bracket or relocating a wire, you can contact us for help.

How Much Are Clear Braces?

Putting aside the general considerations of patient viability, we should also think of the cost you’ll face.

Fortunately, here at Pavlo Orthodontics, we offer several options for patient financing that could help you face the cost of treatment and make it more manageable.

Ceramic braces options range anywhere between $4,000 and $8,000, making them just slightly more expensive than traditional options. Make sure you review any insurance or dental insurance options at your disposal. These resources will lower out-of-pocket costs considerably.

Here at our office, you can talk to a financial coordinator for more details on your insurance coverage, payment plans, and any other resources that allow you to undergo treatment without too much of a financial strain on your budget.

How to Clean Clear Braces?

This is also a major point when considering what treatment works best for you. It’s not easy to keep your mouth and orthodontic appliance clean when you have attachments bonded to each tooth.

We know this.

Still, there are ways you can continue to maintain good oral hygiene habits throughout your treatment and stave off the detrimental effects of tooth decay.

First, consider the foods and beverages you should avoid. Not reduce. Avoid.

All considerations made towards the care of traditional metal braces apply. Stay away from crunchy foods that could leverage away a bracket or dislodge a wire. Don’t eat sticky foods that will find their way around your braces and stay there feeding harmful bacteria. Say no to some beverages that could stain your braces and defeat the discreet nature of your braces.

Likewise, you should consider investing in a water irrigator or floss threader to eliminate any food particles left over from your meals. And please, don’t be afraid to brush your teeth as many times as necessary.

Yes. That includes brushing your teeth after having a snack.

Getting Your Newburyport Clear Braces

We hope this answers some of your most pressing concerns about clear braces. Still, you should come to our office and meet the doctors. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about this treatment option. Also, you can schedule a complimentary exam and come with any questions you have.

Together, we will determine what works best for your case and start that journey towards a healthy and well-aligned smile